Funeral Ceremony of Late Ojiefi (Nneoma) Maria Delunebe Okonkwo of Umuejiofor, Ezeawulu Nibo

I wish to inform you all that the funeral ceremony of Late Ojiefi (Nneoma) Maria Delunebe Okonkwo, Nnediumeana St Theresa Nibo has been announced by the family of Ozo Ichie Nathaniel Okonkwo (Ozomma Nibo) of Okonkwo Uwaoma dynasty of Umuejiofor village of Ezeawulu, Nibo .

She was aged 75 years.

The burial programme is as follows..

17th June 2021
Vigil Mass..Time..5.00pm

18th June 2021
Funeral Mass..9.30am

Funeral Visits…18th and 19th June 2021.

Venue all above events@ Okonjo Uwaoma Villa, No 100 Ichie Nathaniel Oraegbunem Okonkwo drive, Umuejiofor, Ezeawulu Nibo.

May her gentle soul continue to rest in the Lord in Jesus mighty name,  Amen.

Okey Goodluck Nwankwo
Ike Nibo
Gbulie Aku
Igwe Oramkpa

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